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From Suffering to Success Interviews

Eileen Miller

Tutor and Advocate / Ignite Dyslexia Awareness

I was blown away by Dr. Hart’s honesty and clear understanding of what parents feel when trying to getting help/services for their child when struggling in school. He is the first doctor that I have met that truly understands the struggles that parents face and his compassion for children is obvious. He gives common-sense suggestions for making sure your child is properly cared for when they are struggling in school… His philosophy is so in-tuned with what I believe needs to happen, and I feel honored and blessed that our paths have crossed.

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Jane Snider

Principal / Heads Up Consultants

I had the privilege to work with Dr. Hart for in a school setting, and his clinical skills as a psychologist are the finest I have seen. His ability to explain the needs of children to parents is extraordinary. His recommendations are on point and based on the latest research. He knows how to change systems, and is prepared to help parents in the most difficult situations. He makes a real difference.

From Suffering to Success Training

Deciphering Dyslexia:

A Parent’s Map to Understanding Test Scores and Becoming an Effective Advocate

Over the last 25 years, I know from talking with literally thousands of you that one of your biggest frustrations has been understanding the results of the testing that’s done so you can advocate for your dyslexic child.

If you don’t understand the tests, and you don’t understand what they’re measuring, and you don’t understand how they are interpreted, you are at a major disadvantage.

Understanding and interpreting the tests used to diagnosis dyslexia is not rocket science.  We can do this together and I guarantee you that you will feel more competent and more confident when advocating for your child!

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M. Bell

Former Student / Ph.D. Candidate

Dr. Michael Hart has a passion for understanding the relationship between learning and the brain, and his expertise is extremely valuable in a time where education professionals are adapting to the new, more rigorous demands of a curriculum that lends itself to college and career readiness. Growing pains are inevitable with any new initiative, but Dr. Hart’s guidance in this area has better equipped me to navigate the challenges I face each day as an instructional coach and teacher mentor.

About Michael Hart, PhD

Michael Hart, Ph.D. is a child psychologist with 25 years of experience in parent and teacher training, educational technology, learning differences and diagnostic assessment of dyslexia and attention problems. He is the founder/owner of www.doctormichaelhart.com and is currently providing online webinars and courses regarding the proper educational care of our dyslexic students. Dr. Hart is intensely focused on supporting parents and teachers as they become better informed and more experienced in the effective treatment of our dyslexic students.

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Martin J. Snider

Attorney at Law

With his unique background, Dr. Hart brings a thought-provoking and very inspirational perspective to his speaking engagements. He comes roaring out with a whole new way of looking at the world!